Treating the root cause of the pain. Not the symptoms.

Instead of costly procedures, such as spinal fusion or long-term physiotherapy, our cLBP treatment is an easily performed, single injection procedure that stabilizes the disk by transforming it to connective tissue. Unlike any other currently available treatment this has the potential to permanently remove or reduce the pain significantly faster than surgical intervention.

Healthy disc

An intervertebral disc consists of two main parts: the disc centre and the wall. The disc centre consists largely of a highly hydrated gel together with nucleus pulposus cells and fibroblasts.


When a disc degenerates it becomes less stable and pro-inflammatory substances formed during the degenerative process can leak from the inner core of the disc. Pain-sensing nerves within and outside the wall of the disc are activated. These processes cause back pain.

Treated disc

By injecting a biologically active substance directly into the degenerated intervertebral disc, the cells are triggered to produce collagen and transform the damaged disc into connective tissue. This helps re-stabilize the intervertebral segment and reduces diffusion of pro-inflammatory substances.

Market outlook: 5 million treatable patients only in the US

We are currently taking the next step in our exciting journey towards an injection-based treatment for chronic low back pain. With our STA-363 treatment undergoing clinical phase 1b, we are one step closer to market.

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25 January 2018

Conferences to attend during 2018 will be updated soon

Stayble is currently evaluating which conferences to attend during 2018. If you want to schedual a meeting, please contact our CEO Andreas Gerward,

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6 November 2017

Meet Stayble at BioEurope in Berlin

Stayble will attend BioEurope in Berlin. Our main focus at the event is early partnering activities and funding opportunities in regards to our coming phase II clinical trial. Do not…

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22 January 2018

Har du kronisk ländryggssmärta och vill delta i en klinisk prövning?

Vi söker Dig som lider av kronisk smärta i ländryggen och är mellan 20-60 år gammal för en läkemedelsstudie. Behandlingen innebär att Du lottas till att få en injektion med…

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15 September 2017

Stayble presented STA-363 at International Back and Neck Pain Research Forum 2017

Stayble and Proffession Olmarket presented our unique treatment concept at International Back and Neck Pain Research Forum 2017 ( in Oslo.

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