5 October 2018 in News

Björns Strömqvist and Jan Kallewaard are appointed Scientific Advisors

Stayble has appointed Björn Strömqvist and Jan Kallewaard as Scientific Advisors. Both have extensive knowledge within the field of back pain both from a scientific and clinical perspective. The advisors play a key role in the coming clinical phase II planning.

Please read more about them below:

Jan-Willem Kallewaard, MD, is the head of the Pain Department at Amsterdam Medical Centre and head of the Pain Department at the Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem, The Netherlands. His main interest centers on pain management with special focus on low back pain. Jan is involved in several clinical trials on discogenic pain evaluating intradiscal Gelstix and neuromodulation and has conducted studies on the effects of intradiscal methylene blue. He has numerous publications related to discogenic low back pain and effects of nerve stimulation on low back pain. He is the former President of the Dutch Society of Anesthesiologists and the current President of the Society’s Pain Section.

Björn Strömqvist, MD, PhD, is Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the Spine Section, Department of Orthopedics, Skåne University Hospital, Sweden. His research interests focus mainly on spinal stability, outcome studies, tumours, fractures and minimally invasive lumbar spine surgery. Björn is author of >250 publications in peer-reviewed journals. He is Preceptor of the Swedish National Register of Spine Surgery, Swespine, and member of the Steering Group.  He is a member of ISSLS, Spine Society of Europe/Eurospine, Swedish Society of Spinal Surgeons, Swedish Orthopedic Association and NASS. He has received numerous awards such as the Acromed Award 1994, the Volvo Award 2002 and Eurospine Best Paper Award 2011.